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How it all Began

The Gluten Free Epicureans In The News

Wellesley Weston Magazine: Fall 2023

Fox 25 News: March 6, 2023 
Fox 25 with Gene Lavanchy at 9:00 a.m.
The Boston Globe: February 22, 2023 
Come to the Italian table. Gluten-free? No problem
The Swellesley Report : February 7, 2023 
Delicious gluten-free Italian classics a reality in cookbook co-authored by Wellesley resident
The Bridgton News - January 20, 2023 : 
TEAMING UP to write a cookbook featuring timeless Italian dishes for those requiring gluten free recipes are co-authors Cynthia Coddington (left) and Jo Hoppe. (Courtesy photo)
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Like any outstanding plate of pasta, a close friendship isn't easy to come by.

Fall, 2023

By Alexandra A Hall

WellesleyWeston Magazine

Doddington and Hoppe-min.jpg

Come to the Italian Table. Gluten free?
No problem.

Like any outstanding plate of pasta, a close friendship isn’t always easy to come by. And that’s far from the only thing they share. Both take time to create, both benefit greatly from occasional patience, and both need to be flexible (in the pasta’s case, literally). Moreover, both are made better by a good foundation— with pasta that means high-quality ingredients, whereas in friendship it’s the nuts and bolts of human connection: crucial qualities like trust, communication, laughter, and shared interests and experiences. That’s exactly how Cindy Delia Coddington and Josephine Provenzano Hoppe became great friends in the summer of 2019, just after each retired (Coddington from a career in finance, Hoppe from work in technology). They met at a neighborhood gathering in Maine, where Hoppe had just moved and Coddington has a vacation home (she resides in Wellesley the rest of the year). The duo got to talking and immediately found they had heaps of things in common, More...

February 22, 2023

By Lisa Zwirn

Boston Globe Correspondent

Italian food leans heavily on popular carbs like pasta, pizza, and bread. For years, anyone who couldn’t eat gluten had to avoid these culinary pleasures. Cynthia Delia Coddington and Josephine Provenzano Hoppe, whose families hail from Puglia and Sicily, respectively, want to bring gluten-free eaters back to the (Italian) table with their new cookbook “Senza Glutine: Timeless Italian Dishes for the Gluten Free Palate.”

The authors have done their homework, locally and in Italy, to uncover high quality gluten-free brands for pastas and flours. More...

Swellesley Image.png

Delicious gluten-free Italian classics a reality in cookbook co-authored by Wellesley resident

February 7, 2023 

by Deborah Brown

The Swellesley Report:

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” The premise is simple—take a sour situation and make the best of it. But what about when life gives you a gluten intolerance and many of your ancestral Italian favorites are suddenly off limits? Even nonna’s lasagna? For longtime friends and Wellesley resident Cynthia Delia Coddington, and Jo Provenzano Hoppe of Bridgton, Maine, the answer was anything but simple. But it came in time, in the shape of a cookbook co-authored by the pair.

Their book, Senza Glutine: Timeless Italian Dishes for the Gluten Free Palate, released in late December, is currently available for sale at Wellesley Books and other selected local bookstores, and on Amazon. With the completion of Senza Glutine, a health crisis that started out lemons led Cynthia and Jo on a path to la dolce vita. More...

The Gluten Connection
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