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About the book

"Senza Glutine - Timeless Italian Dishes for the Gluten Free Palate" is both a collection of time tested Italian recipes that have been modified for those suffering from gluten-intolerance, as well as a resource for those starting on their gluten free journey.  

The book contains over 100 beautifully photographed recipes, illustrated techniques, and information on how to source the best gluten-free products. The book is equally helpful to those just starting their gluten free journey or those simply longing for diversity in their diet. While the recipes in this book were created for those with gluten sensitivities, the recipes can easily be used for those who simply love Italian food at it’s best.

For those suffering from gluten sensitivity, the authors hope this book will liberate them from the bondage of gluten intolerance and allow them to once again enjoy great tasting meals.
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